Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally I Have My Own Cheque Book =)

Syukur by day...Allah show me which way to u ambition is to be a millionaire before my age 25 years old..and this is a part of the steps ...without my family support i cant do this by myself...yeah..sometimes feel like reluctantly and vulnerable... I have to be more focus on my family business and will be expand it out..I pray..may ALLAH bless our and here after.... 

to take more serious in business, I went to Maybank tampoi and open a current account for AL BiZ Enterprise..when I get the cheque book and this is very grateful moment for me..I do not want to be proud of my self but..i really feel satisfied..I just 21years old and i have my own SSM and my own current account..and I make it by myself with family next action is to achieve target for the current account..