Friday, May 6, 2011

Fobia dgn DARAH!!!

my nature attitude..i cant see blood...even the is just on the small injury..seriously i can not see it...i don't know why..that is why I don't wanna be a doctor..some people love to watch extrem or some horrific self can not face it all..I had saw a blog is about the horrific events that really happened..and many of the incident involving the bloods!!! so many...........blood...and the blog name is karingeri..but syukur alhamdulillah now the blog was baned and can not be access anymore, this is because many blogger mark the blog as lucky for any person that haven't  see that blog before...

on usual during selling foods, i feel uncomfortable ...and wanna go to pee..on the way to the  wrist accidentalness hit the corner of kitchen for cook satey.. because i cant control myself..i just go straight  to the toilet..and look on to my wrist what had happen.. lah kesan luka yang saya alami....die punye sakit.....ergh.....dah macam kene cakar kusing plk tangan ni...ade 4 garis pulak 2....selamat saya bawak plaster..nak buat macam mane bende nk terkene..tapi!!!!! si tuan punye dapur satay tu!!! tolong lah gune otak awak letak lah tempat jauh2 sikit ni ltk kat tengah jalan..dah la cara aku jalan macam berkawad mestilah tangan pn aku hayun..mane x kene besi dapur ko selamt aku yg kene...kalau budak kecil? x ke kesian...."kesian ish3..."kecik2 dh calar balar..

nevetherless syukur alhamdulillah lukanya x dalam..xlama lagi cantik n lembut balik lah wrist aku ni hehehe...U!!!! owner of the satey kitchen!! watch out!!