Thursday, August 12, 2010


For those of us who need internet everywhere we go, the price is now only RM48 a month!
The latest, most affordable broadband.
This is the ideal plan for those who’d like to keep their costs low while being able to carry out their basic surfing needs. You can comfortably check emails, bank online and browse through your favourite websites, at speeds up to 512 kbps, depending on the package you choose.

Without Modem
Offers is applicable for the first 3 months
With Modem Click here for specs
* RM 100 registration fee is applicable in this package.
* Offers is applicable for the first 3 months.
You can also choose to bundle with any of the plans with 12 months contract below when you subscribe to either Celcom Broadband Basic or Celcom Broadband Advance plans.
If you're always on the move, and your mobile phone is your preferred access for downloads, here's a plan just for you!.
**Only applicable with an active voice line
* Terms and conditions apply

ketiadaan mood utk berblogger buat mase ini..

nk sharing pn aku dh kekurangan mase utk menghadap blog ni..
ble ngh hadap....ape idea nk sharing pn xde..than dlm keadaan yg sgt penat dan letih badan aku ni..
aku cbe gk lah nk update ape yg luahan hati just nk inform kt blog ni..
Selamat Berpuasa dan Semoga aku di berikan tenaga yg luar biasa utk menjalankan kehidupan sehari-harian aku yg bz.."busyman btl" so gotta go... wassalam.. my blog.. i'll be write when i really in stable mood ahahaha..