Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All About AL's

My full name that was given from my parents is Al Amirul Akmal Bin Idris, as common known that my nick name some people call me Al or also can call me Amirul, unless that the name is comfortable for me. For surreptitious my mother call me ‘’Baby’’ so that’s why I little bit like a spoilt child. Why I have been call like that until right now?? It is because when I was a baby, I always get to sick when somebody call me with my name that was stated at the first line of this paragraph. That because I am the only one boy in my siblings. I have six siblings where, I am the second one, my elders sister is studying at UiTM Pahang in Course Wood Technology. Next the others sisters still study, 2 in primary school and others 2 in secondary school.
I was born in HBKL or call Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur on 4th of March 1990’s. So, today I suppose to nineteen years old. My father works as a Chief Inspector in Prison Department of Malaysia, in coming birth of day he’ll reach 51 years old. Next, my mother is a full time house wife and for this year she’ll also reach to 41 years old, it look like 10 years gap between both of my parents. We just live as a medium class citizen. Not too rich and not too poor.
One day, I want to be a millionaire, like Tan Sri Syed Mukhtar Al-Bukhari. I also make he as one of my idol. What is the way to be taken by me to achieve the goal? Of course , I must to study hard in my right track now. Obviously now I study in Diploma of Business Studies, so this is one of the steps to be a successfully entrepreneur. Other than that, my ambition may be something where interconnected with entertainment such as to be a top super singer, the best actor and also the most top modeling in Malaysia and maybe in the eyes of the world. Its look like impossible if without any effort, but it can be possible if I try to find the chance where can rise me up and takes for granted at any audition that I have attend such as AF(Akademi Fantasia), Mystarz LG and Malaysian Idol. For extra information, last three or four month ago I was listed for top 20 of the north area in Mystarz LG audition, but unluckily to me that I haven’t selected to take apart to KL. I hopes for the coming audition, I’ll be selected to enter the reality television programs.
How about my hobbies? For surely besides singing and acting, I also have another interest for example playing chess and make some joke to my friends or my siblings. Last momentous when I was in primary and secondary school, I really fanatical about this game. By this game I got to generate my brain for more drastically and I always got to fever when I participate the chess competition. My superior triumph is I got to take apart in MSSM stage at Kuching Sarawak in year of 2003, when I in form 2. It was a wonderful moment that can’t be forgothten for ever.
Finally, I think that is more than as much as necessary about myself. So for who was already read this page, just keep in touch with me and be a part of mylife.