Thursday, January 29, 2009

Description about my cheerful classmates.

Description about my cheerful classmates.

Here I got a new assignment to descript a little bit about my classmate for Bel 311 class.

In front from left :


He is quite handsome but more gorgeous and cute than others boys, why I said so? It is because that is my self.. hahahaha.. I am very talkative man. New comes for this UiTM Johor. I am 19 years old. Why its happen? In the reason is I was get flying colour for my PTS examination. I live in JB Bandar Baru Uda.

2. Asyraf,

He from Subang and he is 20 years old. As you see from this photo, you can look that his face looks alike Ally Iskandar right??? He love to make a joke for the person that he close.

3. Azhar or his familiar name is “ Sood “

I don’t know from where that he got and received that name, maybe he got it from senior. By the way he is 22 years old and he comes from Sentul. He closed with Nasri. He love to make a joke or some call loyer buruk da..

4. Khalid

He is the class rap for this class, nice looks but cannot fight with me. Hehe.. Attention!!! Now he is belong to Yin !!! so I feel pity for whom were fall in love with him, by the way you all don’t go away because AL is still single and available.Ahakz ;P he comes from Subang and he also 20 years old.

5. Nasri

Sood’s best friends. Whenever I saw him, I will also saw Sood. He like siblings for each others.

Sometimes here face impression make me scared to talk to him.

6. Syahrul Nizam,

His name so familiar not like my name more unique hehe. The latest information about he is, his face was done the surgical treatment for abolish his boil on his face.

Standing behind from left :

7. Ain

She comes from the place that so far from UiTM Johor, and the name of that place is Segamat!!!

She is 20 years old, when her face looks to nude I love to disturb she.

8. Salwa

She has a twin, and also study in a same class that her twin names is Radhiah. She is 20 years old and she live at Tangkak.

9. Atikah

Her face looks like a mother that really strict to her children. Besides that I not really know about she, she is 21years old and she also comes from Tangkak same with Salwa and Radhiah.

10. Farah Irma

She is 20 years old and she comes from JB. She love to free hair its look sweet, but I prefer for she to ware a tudung it maybe more sweety.

11. Aiza

Aloq Staq mari, or she is from Alor Setar. I don’t how old are she, maybe around 20 to 21 years old. I not closed with she, so I not really know about she.

12. Syila

She is from Klang and she is 20 years old. She love to quiet and do it job without care any else. Because of that, I will always ask for her helth when we meet in class or anywhere. Her best friends is Huda and Farahain.

13. Halimatul Sa’adiah “ Ima “

She is 20 years old and she comes from Muar. Her best friend is Ziera. We are friend but not too close, I have no idea to avoid if anybody want to close with me. So I hope all of my classmate will close with me.

14. Radiah

Twin’s of Salwa. Of course her ages and where that she come from was same like Salwa. I love to see her face when she do not ware her glasses. So pretty to see that.

She is the first one classmate in this UiTM that I talk to and asked about this UiTM. She so Muslimah girl and I love her attitude.

15. Azierah

Azierah???!!! Huh, she is the one that always slash my face. She always laughing about my ambition, Sometimes I felt touch but o realize that she juke want to make a joke with me. She live at Shah Alam and I suggest to she for live in Seksyen 17 ;P she is 20 years old.

16. Ernie

She was imported from Banting, furthermore she is 20 years old. She is sweet girl and love to ware makeup. It’s faith for the name of girl.

17. Suhaidah “ Sue “

She comes from Selangor?? Which part of Selangor I also don’t know. Next, she is 20 years old also. She had a bright skin colour and a full moon face.

18. Lynn

Lynn, was comes from Klang and she is 20 years old. I like to see her face when she smile, it so attractive to me. She ought to thankful to Allah, because she got a beautiful smile. (Senyum tu kan sedekah,,, kan banyak pahala law senyum je )

19. Nik Nor Athirah

She is one of my best friends in this class. She comes from Kuantan and She also 20 years old.

When we meet each other, I always prefer to talk to she with a Kelantanis dialogue. That’s why I always will be right Nik or her best friend Sal.

20. Zirah

She told me to put her ages is 19 and ½ years old, because she said that she was born on month of November. She live at Batu Pahat. Moreover, she is Ima best friends.

21. Sal

Sal is my employee for my Sandwich and Hot Dog bread Business, she is really understanding person. Furthermore she closed with Nik and me. I love to be her friends. Her attitude looks more matured and some times childish. She is 20 years old and she comes from Larkin JB.

22. Huda

She is from Batu Pahat and she is 20 years old.Before this, when I see Huda face, she looks arrogant maybe because he was engaged. I always try to interrupt while she talk with her friends. I also the man that change her face to be more cheerful and smile always. That is my teory, when you give a flower than that person split yourself with a shit, don’t give up to give the flower again and again, because of, when the flower encounter with a shit it will make the flower more bigger and produce a sweet odour.

23. Aina “ Pek “

She live in front of my home place at Bandar Baru Uda JB. Her hobbies is playing footsal and I really impressive when I know about that. By the way just keep it up girl. She is 20 years old. Other than that, she also my discussion mate for this Bel 311 class. Her best friend are Fara and Zaty.

24.Syahida “ Yin “

Strictly she is Khalid’s Girlfriend, so be ware if you all boys at outside, don’t ever try to close with Yin. So dangerous. It just for joke, she is 20 years old and she was invited from Klang. In my opinion, I can give 95% for her relationship with Khalid it’s mean that they got A+ for that relation. Congratulation. In addition, Yin also love to smile.

25. Siti Farahiyah “ Fara “

Fara are Aina and Zaty best friends, maybe one day she will include me also in her list of best friends. She was born in KL and today she is 20 years old. Her attitude little bit similar like Zaty, sometime pretty clumsy. Bay the way, she is also my discussion mate for Bel 311.

26. Farahain

Her face somewhat called slumber and innocent. She at all times will walk and sit together with shila or huda. She is kind and best to be her friends. She comes from Klang and she is 20 years old.

27. Nurul Izzaty “ Zaty “

I think she is the most beautiful girl in this class. I love to see her face, she had a brightness colour of face, nice nose and I love to see when she is smiling, but she sometimes she quite be a sensitive person and little bit clumsy too. She also my discussion mate for Bell class.

28. Asyikin “ Kent “

Kent I was not really know about herself, I just knew that she live in Putrajaya and she is 21 years old. In my perception she must a good and nice girl.


Raja ?? She looks different with others, because he love to use mascara with an extraordinary colours. Sometimes look beautiful but sometimes look weird. She is form Muar and she is 22 years old.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


1. I LOVE SINGING A LOT, Because I had a Jantan Voice like Jamal Abdilah, Broery Marantika and Josh Gorban. This is truth I not lie to you all ”ini betul2 bukan main2”

2. I AM TALKATIVE, it doesn’t mean that I want to show off, but that is my real identity and I am not a hypocrite man.

3. STRESSLY I AM A STRIGHTMAN !!! I AM NOT GAYMAN !!! . It was really worst if you think that I am a gayman. “HARAM !! 2 AHLI NERAKA JAHANNAM !!”

4. MASTERSKILLS IN CHESS GAMES. I love to cheating when play this game to the new comes for this games hahaha.

5. I LOVE TO EAT PORRIDGE A LOT. Especially my mother cooks, it’s really nice. Before this I also like to eat McD porridge, but now I can’t to eat it again, because I was promised to boycott McD until the confrontation by Israel done.

6. PEOPLE SAID THAT MY FACE LOOK ALIKE IRWANSYAH, how so funny to hear that word. By the way, if you wat to know is it correct or not, just find and watching Pecinta wanita Video clips.

7. I WAS BE EXTRA ACTOR, when I was 5 years old at KL in Drama “ Semarak Memori Jingga “ with my parents also. Just extra actor okay.

8. LOVE TO FOLLOW UP ABOUT POLITICIL SSUES. Especially about Malaysia Politician. Sometimes quite funny to see the government and opponent like a cat and a dog.

9. THE ONE AND ONLY BOY IN MY SIBLINGS. I Have 6 siblings and I am the 2nd one.


11. FRIENDLY. I easy to join and adept in a new environment.


13. ADORE TO GO TO WATCHING CINEMA. But here in Segamat had no more Cinema center.

14. ONEDAY I WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. When I am a rich man, I want to help all poor Muslim that I know, I’ll help them to give a job or make them life more comfortable.

Monday, January 26, 2009

AF7 smash me down!!!

hahaha........... sedih la... i just got to attend for stage 2 in af7 audition last Sunday...
bad luck la........

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today is my third weeks studying in part 3 in session Dis08-Apr09 at UiTM Johor. For this session, I am taking around six subjects for curriculum and another one subject for co-curriculum. The subjects that I have to take is BEL 311 (English for Academic Purposes), CTU 241 (Fundamental of Islamic Economics), BAB 101 (Arabic), MGT 269 (Business Communication), QMT 216 (Introduction of Staristic), ECO 211 (Macroeconomic), and HSL 111 (Badminton).

First and foremost, I want to depict about my first impression to all of the curriculum and co-curriculum subject that I obligation to take. The first one is BEL 311,the credit hour is 3.0 , I thought that maybe this subject quite tough than BEL 260, but it really true and sometimes I feel scared to speak and writing in English like I do right now, because I also know that my languages is really worst and always use a broken English. Other than that, I do with the intention of I always write with a grammatical error. Second, is CTU 241, 2.0 credit hours. I hopes to love this subject, because I like to learn how’s the flow of Islamic economies, but for a moment I can’t to explain too much about a proposes of this subject because of yet to start for this subject. Third, BAB 101 quite pleasant and I want to refresh back my ability to speak in Arabic once open a time ago. Before this while I was in a primary school, I had learn very much about this Arabic, but unfortunately the languages can be gone easier from my brain because of lack of practicing and communicate in Arabic. Forth, MGT 269, this subject little bit like a BEL 311, which more focus on in write a report and oral presentation. I hopes this subject not to tough for me. Fifth is QMT 216, many of rumors from senior said that this subject more easier than MAT 140 (Business Mathematic), I feel very happy to hear if the rumors is absolutely true. Sixth, ECO 211 where it more focus on the national income and the involvement inside worldwide businesses. The last one is HSL 111, actually badminton is not my favorite games, I just take it for fun and to get an A’s.

Then, I would like to contribute to you, about my first impression and description towards all of my lecturers for this third of semester. The highest ranking in my chart goes to Mr. Izuan, who’s my lecturer of BEL 311. For the first time I attend his class at CLL1(SL) on 28th of December 2008. I guess that he must be a person who like to eat a human meat, you know why? It’s because he don’t every try to smile to me and my fellow friends. Sometimes I try to make a joke to make he smile and may be laughing also if he can to do so, but it was not give any impact to his face and reaction. By the way, the way that he teaching us was really interesting and more to modernism, I truly love to attend for his class very much. So, I’ll try to not to comes to his class. Secondly, I was teach by Ustaz. KamarulZaman for the subject CTU 241. He looks like my father, and he always try to make a funny moreover he give a speech or some reminder about the rules and attitude toward relationship between man and woman. The third one is Ustaz Syazali Effendi B. Abd Wahab where he is my Arabic lecturer. Can you see that I was wrote a full name of Ustaz Syazali ? you know why I did it so? It’s because he was give a warning to the class, for whom that do not remember and write correctly of his name on a test or final paper, he’ll minus 25 marks for the subject taken. He likes to give and share a story about his life a lot, and that was really interesting to hear the way he give a story with a body language and some interesting movement. Next, Mr.Ahmad Kamil, where he is my lecturer of Businness Communication. The way that he teach us occasionally pretty bored and like to go to sleep despite the fact that he give a lecture. The first thing that I always keep in mind about he, is his trademark word “ very ”, he always like to repeat that word for two times like malay said “sangat-sangat penting” than he translate it in English where the sound is like this “it’s very-very important” How so funny when I flash back about that momentous.

Subsequently, QMT 216, the lecturer of this subject is Mis Nor Zarina Johar. This semester is her forth semester teaching at this UiTM. Only one thing that I want to describe about herself is, she is likes a cute bear where she is nice to see but don’t try to touch it, when she give a lecture to us, she got a high key of her vocal sound, sometimes I feel want to get faint, when the frequency of the key sound is to high and make my ears to be bleeding. My suggestion about she is, please try to slow down the volume when give a lecture to us or change to the bass vocal. Finally is Pn. Zailati who’s the lecturer of Macroeconomic. First and foremost, I thought her class will be close because of the quantity of student inside her class were not more than fifteen students. But I try to not to close this class for the reason that she is the best lecturer of economy in this UiTM and then the technique that she used to teach us were really interesting and more easier to understand. Now, the cancellation of the class is not will happen again, because I was invited my friends to join this class. About HSL 111, I don’t want to describe anything about this co-curriculum subject because of I don’t ever attend that class yet. By the way, I think this sport game will make my body to more useful.

What is my target about all of these subjects? For surely I want to get a flying colors for all of the subjects that I have taken. Then I also want to increase my CGPA and my aim for every semester where past of two semester that I don’t achieve it is to get D list (Dean list) not D for dumb, dull or donkey list. In my conclusion, I think that’s all my observation and some comment about the subjects and the lecturers also. Hopefully you all will enjoy by read this essay and try to not feel touched. Sincerely from Al, see you for the next essay assignment. Don’t forget to throw your comment hear.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All About AL's

My full name that was given from my parents is Al Amirul Akmal Bin Idris, as common known that my nick name some people call me Al or also can call me Amirul, unless that the name is comfortable for me. For surreptitious my mother call me ‘’Baby’’ so that’s why I little bit like a spoilt child. Why I have been call like that until right now?? It is because when I was a baby, I always get to sick when somebody call me with my name that was stated at the first line of this paragraph. That because I am the only one boy in my siblings. I have six siblings where, I am the second one, my elders sister is studying at UiTM Pahang in Course Wood Technology. Next the others sisters still study, 2 in primary school and others 2 in secondary school.
I was born in HBKL or call Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur on 4th of March 1990’s. So, today I suppose to nineteen years old. My father works as a Chief Inspector in Prison Department of Malaysia, in coming birth of day he’ll reach 51 years old. Next, my mother is a full time house wife and for this year she’ll also reach to 41 years old, it look like 10 years gap between both of my parents. We just live as a medium class citizen. Not too rich and not too poor.
One day, I want to be a millionaire, like Tan Sri Syed Mukhtar Al-Bukhari. I also make he as one of my idol. What is the way to be taken by me to achieve the goal? Of course , I must to study hard in my right track now. Obviously now I study in Diploma of Business Studies, so this is one of the steps to be a successfully entrepreneur. Other than that, my ambition may be something where interconnected with entertainment such as to be a top super singer, the best actor and also the most top modeling in Malaysia and maybe in the eyes of the world. Its look like impossible if without any effort, but it can be possible if I try to find the chance where can rise me up and takes for granted at any audition that I have attend such as AF(Akademi Fantasia), Mystarz LG and Malaysian Idol. For extra information, last three or four month ago I was listed for top 20 of the north area in Mystarz LG audition, but unluckily to me that I haven’t selected to take apart to KL. I hopes for the coming audition, I’ll be selected to enter the reality television programs.
How about my hobbies? For surely besides singing and acting, I also have another interest for example playing chess and make some joke to my friends or my siblings. Last momentous when I was in primary and secondary school, I really fanatical about this game. By this game I got to generate my brain for more drastically and I always got to fever when I participate the chess competition. My superior triumph is I got to take apart in MSSM stage at Kuching Sarawak in year of 2003, when I in form 2. It was a wonderful moment that can’t be forgothten for ever.
Finally, I think that is more than as much as necessary about myself. So for who was already read this page, just keep in touch with me and be a part of mylife.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What am i feel when comes to the new environment

This is my first blog site, before this I haven’t have any blog site unless myspace or friendster. I just got a new assignment that was given by Sir Izuan, whos the most smart lecturer, where with a charisma and discipline it self inside this UiTM Johor. The assignment is based on the “breathe again” song where the singger is Juwita Suwito.The title is, what am I feel when I was transferred to a new home, new life or new culture.

This is a true story about me, I have 3 times transfer experience since I was 5 years old.From KL to Simpang renggam Johor, next to Tapah Perak and for right now at Johor Bahru. Its because my father have been working as a prison officer at Malaysia Prison Department, so when he got a reward or promoted to the high level he get to transfer, I had study at one kindergarten at Quartes Penjara Simpang Renggam,Johor.Then one primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Simpang Renggam,I study for 5 years only at primary school,because of when I was in standard 3, I had past the PTS (Penilaian Tahap Satu) examination with a flying colours,so I no need to attend standard 4 anymore.Next, I had study at three secondary schools. Started from form 1 at SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Andak at Simpang Renggam,until in the middle year of form 4. After that I further my study at SMK Dato’ Panglima Perang Kiri Tapah Road, until the SPM examination. Finally I study for form lower 6 at SMK Buyong Adil Tapah.

Before I transferred to here UiTM Johor in Segamat, I had studied in UiTM Kedah at Merbok, Sungai Petani also since Dis 2007 until Dis 2008. For a year I was study there and off course I had so many memories at the past UiTM. The moment can’t be delete easier, but before this, I have many experience about how the difficult way to adept with a new environment. Here, I just want to share only one experience about how am I feel when I got to transfer to here UiTM Johor.

First and foremost, I have two feeling when my applyment was approved by Dr Mahathir who's the Deputy Director of HEA UiTM Kedah. The first one is, I’m felt really happy because I got to transfer to here that this place were not to far from my home at Bandar Baru Uda, JB, only takes for 3 hours from JB to UiTM Segamat. Compared to UiTM Kedah, the travelling hour takes more than 9 hours if I takes an express bus, and than when anything had happen to my family I’ll easy to reach there. Secondly, I also felt sad to let my roommate and classmate also.But I ought to do so,because of family and my financial problems. For your information the ticket price from Larkin to Sungai Petani is around RM60 and above. If for the aid holiday, the ticket price comes to increase until RM90 to RM110,for me its so expensive and I don’t want to burn my many like that. Other than that I heard that the ticket price will increase again for 100% increasing. That realy worst to think about how much money to spent to buy a bus ticket.

When for the first time I reach here, my first impression about this UiTM Segamat are more than 80% student here is Girls or women than only 20% is boy students. Next, here also had a pretty and many good looking girl. Thats why I fall in love to study here. Culture shock? Absolutely I faced it, but I try to refresh my mind again for what reasons I comes here.? Is it just for enjoy and play hard here? Surely not, where the land I have stand there is the sky that I must to follow. Today, I feel very happy and lucky because just for a week I can adept for this environment and I had got many new friends.