Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today is my third weeks studying in part 3 in session Dis08-Apr09 at UiTM Johor. For this session, I am taking around six subjects for curriculum and another one subject for co-curriculum. The subjects that I have to take is BEL 311 (English for Academic Purposes), CTU 241 (Fundamental of Islamic Economics), BAB 101 (Arabic), MGT 269 (Business Communication), QMT 216 (Introduction of Staristic), ECO 211 (Macroeconomic), and HSL 111 (Badminton).

First and foremost, I want to depict about my first impression to all of the curriculum and co-curriculum subject that I obligation to take. The first one is BEL 311,the credit hour is 3.0 , I thought that maybe this subject quite tough than BEL 260, but it really true and sometimes I feel scared to speak and writing in English like I do right now, because I also know that my languages is really worst and always use a broken English. Other than that, I do with the intention of I always write with a grammatical error. Second, is CTU 241, 2.0 credit hours. I hopes to love this subject, because I like to learn how’s the flow of Islamic economies, but for a moment I can’t to explain too much about a proposes of this subject because of yet to start for this subject. Third, BAB 101 quite pleasant and I want to refresh back my ability to speak in Arabic once open a time ago. Before this while I was in a primary school, I had learn very much about this Arabic, but unfortunately the languages can be gone easier from my brain because of lack of practicing and communicate in Arabic. Forth, MGT 269, this subject little bit like a BEL 311, which more focus on in write a report and oral presentation. I hopes this subject not to tough for me. Fifth is QMT 216, many of rumors from senior said that this subject more easier than MAT 140 (Business Mathematic), I feel very happy to hear if the rumors is absolutely true. Sixth, ECO 211 where it more focus on the national income and the involvement inside worldwide businesses. The last one is HSL 111, actually badminton is not my favorite games, I just take it for fun and to get an A’s.

Then, I would like to contribute to you, about my first impression and description towards all of my lecturers for this third of semester. The highest ranking in my chart goes to Mr. Izuan, who’s my lecturer of BEL 311. For the first time I attend his class at CLL1(SL) on 28th of December 2008. I guess that he must be a person who like to eat a human meat, you know why? It’s because he don’t every try to smile to me and my fellow friends. Sometimes I try to make a joke to make he smile and may be laughing also if he can to do so, but it was not give any impact to his face and reaction. By the way, the way that he teaching us was really interesting and more to modernism, I truly love to attend for his class very much. So, I’ll try to not to comes to his class. Secondly, I was teach by Ustaz. KamarulZaman for the subject CTU 241. He looks like my father, and he always try to make a funny moreover he give a speech or some reminder about the rules and attitude toward relationship between man and woman. The third one is Ustaz Syazali Effendi B. Abd Wahab where he is my Arabic lecturer. Can you see that I was wrote a full name of Ustaz Syazali ? you know why I did it so? It’s because he was give a warning to the class, for whom that do not remember and write correctly of his name on a test or final paper, he’ll minus 25 marks for the subject taken. He likes to give and share a story about his life a lot, and that was really interesting to hear the way he give a story with a body language and some interesting movement. Next, Mr.Ahmad Kamil, where he is my lecturer of Businness Communication. The way that he teach us occasionally pretty bored and like to go to sleep despite the fact that he give a lecture. The first thing that I always keep in mind about he, is his trademark word “ very ”, he always like to repeat that word for two times like malay said “sangat-sangat penting” than he translate it in English where the sound is like this “it’s very-very important” How so funny when I flash back about that momentous.

Subsequently, QMT 216, the lecturer of this subject is Mis Nor Zarina Johar. This semester is her forth semester teaching at this UiTM. Only one thing that I want to describe about herself is, she is likes a cute bear where she is nice to see but don’t try to touch it, when she give a lecture to us, she got a high key of her vocal sound, sometimes I feel want to get faint, when the frequency of the key sound is to high and make my ears to be bleeding. My suggestion about she is, please try to slow down the volume when give a lecture to us or change to the bass vocal. Finally is Pn. Zailati who’s the lecturer of Macroeconomic. First and foremost, I thought her class will be close because of the quantity of student inside her class were not more than fifteen students. But I try to not to close this class for the reason that she is the best lecturer of economy in this UiTM and then the technique that she used to teach us were really interesting and more easier to understand. Now, the cancellation of the class is not will happen again, because I was invited my friends to join this class. About HSL 111, I don’t want to describe anything about this co-curriculum subject because of I don’t ever attend that class yet. By the way, I think this sport game will make my body to more useful.

What is my target about all of these subjects? For surely I want to get a flying colors for all of the subjects that I have taken. Then I also want to increase my CGPA and my aim for every semester where past of two semester that I don’t achieve it is to get D list (Dean list) not D for dumb, dull or donkey list. In my conclusion, I think that’s all my observation and some comment about the subjects and the lecturers also. Hopefully you all will enjoy by read this essay and try to not feel touched. Sincerely from Al, see you for the next essay assignment. Don’t forget to throw your comment hear.


  1. what happened to your blog layout? it's messy! go choose another layout!

  2. mr izuan,
    imho it's not messy. it's the default template but i think, the font and the length of the paragraphs etc made it look messy and lengthy.


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