Wednesday, November 11, 2009

huhuhu dah lame x update blog...

btw... tomorrow i gonna go to pinang.. hahaha...
ade show ckt2..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

MyStarz LG3..

finally aku dpt gk top 10 finalist area zone selatan plk...
penat gile siot arini...
aku so far stage 1 and 2 ok..
BUT!!!!!!! stage 3 hancor!!! bcoz... muzik x dengar so aku dah tinggal 3 word lirik lagu...
bongok punyer muzik enginear... wat aku susah je....
kecawe habis c judge 2 ngn aku....
tp yg pasti damean VE suke ngn style aku...
siap suh aku jd hos plk 2 kat audience mase stage 1...hahaha... agk bangge sikit...
Ya-Allah... lapang kan lah dada hambaMu ini Ya-Allah.........

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Khalifah Irama

alhamdulillah finally.. today i got to training with all of khalifah members for the 1st time...
for information... on this thursday 6 august, our team will be take a part in the nasyid competiton at UTHM,, then from 7 to 9 august..we'll also take a part in nasyid competition at UiTM Pinang..
pada mula nye, that means yesterday lah... i though that the competition at Pinang will be canceled or postpone because of H1N1 cases.. so... suddenly..... we got the information last morning that the competition will be held on the stated date that before the rumors for the postpone..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i myself me wo ana sgt penat tired letih....

ergh............=< today i have done a lot of work..
from dawn til right now...dawn again.. x tido lagi nih....
my body pn dan naik sengal2 2ulang... sakit badan lorh...
so sape2 yg pandai mengurut ni... tawar2kan lah diri ye utk urut bdan aku....
huhu serius today i feel so tired..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Law 251??!!!

today i would like to share about the format, how to write the answer for an essay questions for Law 251...
But, first and foremost, you have to know what is the type of question about, whether direct question or??? problematic question??

so here, this is the format for problematic question.....(100 marks!!!)

1. (ISSUE) , firstly you have to write the issue at least 3 issues but in a same cases!!..and DON'T FORGET TO PUT WHETHER WORDS!! and ensure the word is right not!! weather okeyh!!
example: 1. Whether Amree can sue Najeeb
2. Whether notice effective
3. Whether acceptence by Amree effective

2. (LAW) , State the law that related from the cases that you want to highlight and give the
fact from the real past history cases..And don't forget to give the defination and

example: 1. Acceptance through post (Postal Rule)
Section 2(a) CA 1950 provides:
"when one person signifies to another his willingness to do...he is said to make proposal."
++ at least 3 cases that related for the law about Postal Rule and tell the story..
eg--> 1. Entores LTD Vs Miles Far East Corp. (1955)
- "when the contract is made by post, the acceptance is
complete....contract is made."
2. Ignatius Vs Bell (1913) 2 FMSLR 115
-" The defendent offered to sell his land....defendent was away."
Held: the acceptance was exercised by plantiff when the letter wa
posted...defendent was bound the contract.
3. Household Fire Insurance Co Ltd Vs Grant (1879)
- "The defendent any valid acceptance from plantiff'
Held: There was a valid acceptance...Pay for the shares.

2. Revocation offer
-Under Section 5 (1) of the act:
" A proposal may be revoked..."
- eg--> cases: 1. Payne Vs Cave(1798)
- explanation story....

2. Routledge Vs Grant (1828)
- explanation story..

- 4 Model of revocation....

3. Explanation an action
Sect 4(3)(a)....& Sect 4(3)(b)
++ cases!!

3. (APPLICATION)---> how to solve the problem

- in conclusion.....Amree can Sue Najeeb because the already have a contract, using the law of
acceptance by postal rule..

That's all... than u'll get the flying colour for this paper!! hehe...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

burger aku n pak guard!!

ALHAMDULILLAH selling semlm merupakan selling yg pling highers beb...
ade rm3xx x sangke kan... yg pasti semue rezeki 2 dtg dr Allah s.w.t and aku wat keje ngn ikhlas...
smlm aku tutp kedai hampir koi 1pg...
giler ah.. ade lah c pak uk ni.... dah sound aku... tunjuk taring die ckt la 2...
xpe aku phm die jln kan tugas die n aku pn say sorry la... coz xseda dah koi 12am rupeny time 2...
tp order banyk lagi... hehe seronok niage sampai xsedar jam dah koi bape..
spatutnye tutup kdai koi 11pm ni.... dah terlajak sampi 12 lbh o....
hah!!! skung compny aku dah ade menu tambahan daging kambing,ostrich,ruse,ikan n arnab...
more variety more fun right?? hehehe... so thanks 4 ur support!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aku dan Company aku..

alhamdulillah hari ni dah 5 hari niage burger kat uptown,,..
so far.... selling alhamdulillah.. dpt banyk la gk..
but aku not very pro dlm financial ni..
as a CEO i have to handle this job 1st..
btw aku enjoy ape yg aku wat...
n org nk backstabber pn aku x kisah.... just say alhamdulillah n amin je...
banyk gk la feed back positive yg aku dpt...
yg negative pn ade gk tp skit la...
aku bersyukur sgt2 dpt gk bukak kedai ni.... coz so many halangan yg aku tempuhi
sblum dpt bkk kdai ni... ramai yg mle2 nk masuk than out cm 2 je... tp xpe...
i am getting strongger n stronggggggggggggggger right now!!!!
sesungguhny ALLAH i2 Maha ADIL!!! n aku dpt rasekan nye.....
tq for my compny members!!! terutame skali credit utk shahir yg banyk bg idea n faham my situation!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


PLEASE Bg aku suggestion nk wat pe kat blog ni??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This is my first album, “AL 1ST & 4MOST” which is will be release on next month, on 1st April 2009. The concepts of this album are about Love, Pop-Rock, Ballad, and Pop-Soul. Before this album will be release, Broken-Heart Records was received around 300,000 demands from CD, VCD, and DVD shop. This is something incredible achievement for that company. Today, my first song can be heard in each of Malay Radio in Malaysia, which the top song is Mama. Here I would like to list up all title of my First album.
1. Mama
- This song is about the sons who really love to his mothers (mama). He can leave anybody except his mama.
- Genre: Ballad and Pop-Soul.
2. Wheel
- Life is like a wheel, sometimes we at the top and sometime we at the bottom.
- Genre: Pop-Rock.
3. Al Starz
- The men who comes from a poor family, becomes a superstar because of reality TV show.
- Genre: Pop-Rock + Ballad
4. Good Morning Honey
- The caring boy friend, who always call his girl friend in every dawn to tell his girlfriends to perform her Subuh prayer.
- Genre: Ballad + Soul
5. The last second
- Sad story because his girlfriend death.
- Genre: Soul
6. Finally you run away
- This is beautiful story about love, but unfortunately his girlfriend decided to run away from her Boyfriend because of her family problems.
- Genre: Ballad
7. Casablanca (Refresh)
- The flashback about memory the men and his pass wife, where honey moon at Casablanca.
- Genre: Pop(remix) + Ballad
8. I know what you did
- The boyfriend already knows that his girlfriend is a playgirl and just need a suitable time to blame his girlfriends.
- Genre: Pop-Rock
9. 1000 years featuring with Imran Ajmain
- The song about, the men who’s really loyal with his girlfriend and will to waiting his girlfriend even 1000 years coming.
- Genre: Soul + Balllad
10. Dream Never Endless
- The men that always dreaming that he will live together with his girlfriend, but that just a dream that cannot becomes a reality.
- Genre: Ballad.

Monday, February 16, 2009

LoVe ?!!! (",)??

Love??? What is the love? Where is the love? And how is the love comes? I am a “Doctor Love” and I will describe and give a meaning about love from A to Z.

Love also known as “feels affection, adore, worship, care for someone and be fond of anything that we want to. In my last research for 10 years ago, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love will never fails.

Love is an abstract that we know it but we can’t to touch it, we also don’t know how to explain and describe about it, we merely can feel it with our bit of heart and in a deep of our hearts. Sometimes, we hear that some people will talk about love is blind. Is it true?? I also did a research about “is it love is blind?” for 1 million samples around all of states in Malaysia. From that research was shown that 95% was agree that love is blind, 3% was disagree and 2% was know nothing about love. From that result, I can conclude that majority know that love is blind, why it will happen? Statistic of married in Malaysian stated that around 45% men was marry with a women who older than him for 10 or 20 years gap. This is a fact and reality for nowadays.

Love for sex? Or sex for love? Both are totally wrong, Sex is not love! Others culture has taught us that sex and love are one in the same. This is a lie. Sex is a beautiful God-given activity that is wonderful when practiced within have a right relationship or easily known, after get married. We do it for get a children and for make our family become bigger and bigger. This is also one of the sunnah from our prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. when you have a sex with your wife you will gain your family and Islam becomes bigger.

Extra information: the characteristic of my dreams girl are, the first and foremost, I want she is Muslims, if she was converted to Muslims I’ll make sure that she convert because love to Islam and Allah, not just for marry with me. Secondly, are honest, loyal and not rude with me. Thirdly, she must have a good attitude with anybody, especially towards me and strictly to both of my parents and siblings. Thirdly, I want she has a good looking and beautiful, the most important is she is supposed to nice to see. Finally, she must master in cooking and make water.

Now, with honest, I open a tender for anybody want to bit her price for marry with me, if they have these entire characteristic. The lower biding will get to marry with me, may be for 10 years after.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fantastic 4 Superheroes!!!

true story regarding four fantastic superheroes, where they live at Taming Sari Collage Wing A room number 121 in state at UiTM Johor. Certainly, this is not a fairytale story, by read this blog you will know each of the superheroes more closely and you’ll impress or proud with them. Each of them has different types of power ability, where their power comes from different place and resources.

  take note about this first superhero, his name is “Z-Man” or his full name is Mohd Zaki Bin. Md Rafi’i. You see that, this superhero is Muslim, he is 19 years old and his home town is at Taman Perling, Johor Bahru. Today he is studying in Diploma in Accountancy for the second semester. He had a nice physical where his height around 172cms and his weight is 52kgs. He is a nice guy, good looking and as well friendly with his friends. He will never forget about his compulsory to pray when the time is comes. Am I know about his status is he is couple with someone but, he said that they just couple not merry yet. So by my perception his status is couple and available to market. For extraordinary information, he got a talent and power to stop a fire on the spot by using his “Flatulence triple combo power!!!!” automatically the fire will stop on the spot. From researching by Prof. Nanang, Z-Man got his power from his practice every day for do not relief his flatulence and just keep it as a quarantine element for emergency cases. Once you smell his flatulence smell, you will sleep for 3 days and 2 nights.

  Second one of the superheroes is “Captain Malaysia“. From his identity card his name is Abd Razak B. Ahmad. He is also 19 years old. Muslims and he comes from Sri Medan Batu Pahat, johore. He is study in Diploma in Banking for the second semester. His tallness is 170cms and his weight is around 50 to 53kgs. His bed at a bottom bunk of our bed. He also a good boy not lazy to stand up and take a pray for a minutes. He is not arrogant and willing to give a hand when needed by his friends and certainly his special girl friend. As you read, now he is belong to someone, however he is a loyal guy that doesn’t mean 110% he will merry with that girl, by the way who is interested with Captain Malaysia, just lift  your phone number  at the comment Colum. Essentially he got this nick name because of he is one of the Kesatria Commander at this UiTM Johor, and from many of Commanders he is the one and only who have an extraordinary power by use his legs. He got strong legs where it can make the earth quake by smashing his legs on the floor. Usually we take for granted from his power to kick off our room door if the door is locked and haven’t key to open it. We called the name of that power is “The beard of legs power!!!”

  next superhero goes to “chicken-man”. He is an orphanage, his full name is Mohd Syafiq Maula Jalil. Since he was a baby, he doesn’t know who his father is and luckily he can meet his real mother before his mother passed away when he was a young boy. But unfortunately until now, he still doesn’t know where his real father is. Furthermore, he must to thankful to Allah S.W.T, because had give him a new adopt family which, make he as well like them son. He will achieve 20 years old for this year 2009. His height is around 168cms and his weights just assume around 55 to 59kgs because he loves to eat very much especially half-cook egg. His bed at a top-bunk where placed top from Z-Man bed place. My perception about his self are, he is not a stingy man, over talkative and sometimes he looks arrogant with what that he had and want to show off. Parenthetically, I don’t care how much arrogant and show off itself, unless he not stingy to me and polite with our friends relationship. He got that name called chicken-man because, his mouth sometimes like a chicken where don’t know where is the pull stop line of his word. His ability super duper power is, “chicken song sun-shine”. The function of his power is to make somebody who here his talk will go back to the right way or continue their sleep. When blackout has happen, so we can’t hear any song from electronic device. So we need chicken-man helps to sing a song to make someone to repay the blackout problem definitely. It’s to avoid from something problems will happen when hear the vocal of the chicken-man.

        Finally, me and myself where someone call me AL-Starz or Alsuke, my full name is AL AMIRUL AKMAL BIN IDRIS, my hometown is in Planet Namix where I was a neighborhood of  Son-Goku. In earth my age is 19 years old, but in Planet Namix I am 29 years old. I came here to this earth is to control all of three superheroes that I mansion at this upper paragraph. I want to teach them how is the proper way to use the power and do not to use the power at the wrong way. My power is too tremendous similar like Son-Goku, because he is my Master Sifu. In a nutshell, now I must to do my job to teach them, so that is why I live with them together with one room.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Description about my cheerful classmates.

Description about my cheerful classmates.

Here I got a new assignment to descript a little bit about my classmate for Bel 311 class.

In front from left :


He is quite handsome but more gorgeous and cute than others boys, why I said so? It is because that is my self.. hahahaha.. I am very talkative man. New comes for this UiTM Johor. I am 19 years old. Why its happen? In the reason is I was get flying colour for my PTS examination. I live in JB Bandar Baru Uda.

2. Asyraf,

He from Subang and he is 20 years old. As you see from this photo, you can look that his face looks alike Ally Iskandar right??? He love to make a joke for the person that he close.

3. Azhar or his familiar name is “ Sood “

I don’t know from where that he got and received that name, maybe he got it from senior. By the way he is 22 years old and he comes from Sentul. He closed with Nasri. He love to make a joke or some call loyer buruk da..

4. Khalid

He is the class rap for this class, nice looks but cannot fight with me. Hehe.. Attention!!! Now he is belong to Yin !!! so I feel pity for whom were fall in love with him, by the way you all don’t go away because AL is still single and available.Ahakz ;P he comes from Subang and he also 20 years old.

5. Nasri

Sood’s best friends. Whenever I saw him, I will also saw Sood. He like siblings for each others.

Sometimes here face impression make me scared to talk to him.

6. Syahrul Nizam,

His name so familiar not like my name more unique hehe. The latest information about he is, his face was done the surgical treatment for abolish his boil on his face.

Standing behind from left :

7. Ain

She comes from the place that so far from UiTM Johor, and the name of that place is Segamat!!!

She is 20 years old, when her face looks to nude I love to disturb she.

8. Salwa

She has a twin, and also study in a same class that her twin names is Radhiah. She is 20 years old and she live at Tangkak.

9. Atikah

Her face looks like a mother that really strict to her children. Besides that I not really know about she, she is 21years old and she also comes from Tangkak same with Salwa and Radhiah.

10. Farah Irma

She is 20 years old and she comes from JB. She love to free hair its look sweet, but I prefer for she to ware a tudung it maybe more sweety.

11. Aiza

Aloq Staq mari, or she is from Alor Setar. I don’t how old are she, maybe around 20 to 21 years old. I not closed with she, so I not really know about she.

12. Syila

She is from Klang and she is 20 years old. She love to quiet and do it job without care any else. Because of that, I will always ask for her helth when we meet in class or anywhere. Her best friends is Huda and Farahain.

13. Halimatul Sa’adiah “ Ima “

She is 20 years old and she comes from Muar. Her best friend is Ziera. We are friend but not too close, I have no idea to avoid if anybody want to close with me. So I hope all of my classmate will close with me.

14. Radiah

Twin’s of Salwa. Of course her ages and where that she come from was same like Salwa. I love to see her face when she do not ware her glasses. So pretty to see that.

She is the first one classmate in this UiTM that I talk to and asked about this UiTM. She so Muslimah girl and I love her attitude.

15. Azierah

Azierah???!!! Huh, she is the one that always slash my face. She always laughing about my ambition, Sometimes I felt touch but o realize that she juke want to make a joke with me. She live at Shah Alam and I suggest to she for live in Seksyen 17 ;P she is 20 years old.

16. Ernie

She was imported from Banting, furthermore she is 20 years old. She is sweet girl and love to ware makeup. It’s faith for the name of girl.

17. Suhaidah “ Sue “

She comes from Selangor?? Which part of Selangor I also don’t know. Next, she is 20 years old also. She had a bright skin colour and a full moon face.

18. Lynn

Lynn, was comes from Klang and she is 20 years old. I like to see her face when she smile, it so attractive to me. She ought to thankful to Allah, because she got a beautiful smile. (Senyum tu kan sedekah,,, kan banyak pahala law senyum je )

19. Nik Nor Athirah

She is one of my best friends in this class. She comes from Kuantan and She also 20 years old.

When we meet each other, I always prefer to talk to she with a Kelantanis dialogue. That’s why I always will be right Nik or her best friend Sal.

20. Zirah

She told me to put her ages is 19 and ½ years old, because she said that she was born on month of November. She live at Batu Pahat. Moreover, she is Ima best friends.

21. Sal

Sal is my employee for my Sandwich and Hot Dog bread Business, she is really understanding person. Furthermore she closed with Nik and me. I love to be her friends. Her attitude looks more matured and some times childish. She is 20 years old and she comes from Larkin JB.

22. Huda

She is from Batu Pahat and she is 20 years old.Before this, when I see Huda face, she looks arrogant maybe because he was engaged. I always try to interrupt while she talk with her friends. I also the man that change her face to be more cheerful and smile always. That is my teory, when you give a flower than that person split yourself with a shit, don’t give up to give the flower again and again, because of, when the flower encounter with a shit it will make the flower more bigger and produce a sweet odour.

23. Aina “ Pek “

She live in front of my home place at Bandar Baru Uda JB. Her hobbies is playing footsal and I really impressive when I know about that. By the way just keep it up girl. She is 20 years old. Other than that, she also my discussion mate for this Bel 311 class. Her best friend are Fara and Zaty.

24.Syahida “ Yin “

Strictly she is Khalid’s Girlfriend, so be ware if you all boys at outside, don’t ever try to close with Yin. So dangerous. It just for joke, she is 20 years old and she was invited from Klang. In my opinion, I can give 95% for her relationship with Khalid it’s mean that they got A+ for that relation. Congratulation. In addition, Yin also love to smile.

25. Siti Farahiyah “ Fara “

Fara are Aina and Zaty best friends, maybe one day she will include me also in her list of best friends. She was born in KL and today she is 20 years old. Her attitude little bit similar like Zaty, sometime pretty clumsy. Bay the way, she is also my discussion mate for Bel 311.

26. Farahain

Her face somewhat called slumber and innocent. She at all times will walk and sit together with shila or huda. She is kind and best to be her friends. She comes from Klang and she is 20 years old.

27. Nurul Izzaty “ Zaty “

I think she is the most beautiful girl in this class. I love to see her face, she had a brightness colour of face, nice nose and I love to see when she is smiling, but she sometimes she quite be a sensitive person and little bit clumsy too. She also my discussion mate for Bell class.

28. Asyikin “ Kent “

Kent I was not really know about herself, I just knew that she live in Putrajaya and she is 21 years old. In my perception she must a good and nice girl.


Raja ?? She looks different with others, because he love to use mascara with an extraordinary colours. Sometimes look beautiful but sometimes look weird. She is form Muar and she is 22 years old.