Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fantastic 4 Superheroes!!!

true story regarding four fantastic superheroes, where they live at Taming Sari Collage Wing A room number 121 in state at UiTM Johor. Certainly, this is not a fairytale story, by read this blog you will know each of the superheroes more closely and you’ll impress or proud with them. Each of them has different types of power ability, where their power comes from different place and resources.

  take note about this first superhero, his name is “Z-Man” or his full name is Mohd Zaki Bin. Md Rafi’i. You see that, this superhero is Muslim, he is 19 years old and his home town is at Taman Perling, Johor Bahru. Today he is studying in Diploma in Accountancy for the second semester. He had a nice physical where his height around 172cms and his weight is 52kgs. He is a nice guy, good looking and as well friendly with his friends. He will never forget about his compulsory to pray when the time is comes. Am I know about his status is he is couple with someone but, he said that they just couple not merry yet. So by my perception his status is couple and available to market. For extraordinary information, he got a talent and power to stop a fire on the spot by using his “Flatulence triple combo power!!!!” automatically the fire will stop on the spot. From researching by Prof. Nanang, Z-Man got his power from his practice every day for do not relief his flatulence and just keep it as a quarantine element for emergency cases. Once you smell his flatulence smell, you will sleep for 3 days and 2 nights.

  Second one of the superheroes is “Captain Malaysia“. From his identity card his name is Abd Razak B. Ahmad. He is also 19 years old. Muslims and he comes from Sri Medan Batu Pahat, johore. He is study in Diploma in Banking for the second semester. His tallness is 170cms and his weight is around 50 to 53kgs. His bed at a bottom bunk of our bed. He also a good boy not lazy to stand up and take a pray for a minutes. He is not arrogant and willing to give a hand when needed by his friends and certainly his special girl friend. As you read, now he is belong to someone, however he is a loyal guy that doesn’t mean 110% he will merry with that girl, by the way who is interested with Captain Malaysia, just lift  your phone number  at the comment Colum. Essentially he got this nick name because of he is one of the Kesatria Commander at this UiTM Johor, and from many of Commanders he is the one and only who have an extraordinary power by use his legs. He got strong legs where it can make the earth quake by smashing his legs on the floor. Usually we take for granted from his power to kick off our room door if the door is locked and haven’t key to open it. We called the name of that power is “The beard of legs power!!!”

  next superhero goes to “chicken-man”. He is an orphanage, his full name is Mohd Syafiq Maula Jalil. Since he was a baby, he doesn’t know who his father is and luckily he can meet his real mother before his mother passed away when he was a young boy. But unfortunately until now, he still doesn’t know where his real father is. Furthermore, he must to thankful to Allah S.W.T, because had give him a new adopt family which, make he as well like them son. He will achieve 20 years old for this year 2009. His height is around 168cms and his weights just assume around 55 to 59kgs because he loves to eat very much especially half-cook egg. His bed at a top-bunk where placed top from Z-Man bed place. My perception about his self are, he is not a stingy man, over talkative and sometimes he looks arrogant with what that he had and want to show off. Parenthetically, I don’t care how much arrogant and show off itself, unless he not stingy to me and polite with our friends relationship. He got that name called chicken-man because, his mouth sometimes like a chicken where don’t know where is the pull stop line of his word. His ability super duper power is, “chicken song sun-shine”. The function of his power is to make somebody who here his talk will go back to the right way or continue their sleep. When blackout has happen, so we can’t hear any song from electronic device. So we need chicken-man helps to sing a song to make someone to repay the blackout problem definitely. It’s to avoid from something problems will happen when hear the vocal of the chicken-man.

        Finally, me and myself where someone call me AL-Starz or Alsuke, my full name is AL AMIRUL AKMAL BIN IDRIS, my hometown is in Planet Namix where I was a neighborhood of  Son-Goku. In earth my age is 19 years old, but in Planet Namix I am 29 years old. I came here to this earth is to control all of three superheroes that I mansion at this upper paragraph. I want to teach them how is the proper way to use the power and do not to use the power at the wrong way. My power is too tremendous similar like Son-Goku, because he is my Master Sifu. In a nutshell, now I must to do my job to teach them, so that is why I live with them together with one room.