Sunday, March 20, 2011


based on the topic above..the word "ketemu" means berjumpa or meet..udah hampir 12 tahun I and my family tidak berjumpa with my auntie from Indonesia, she married with my Pak Long and now my Pak Long x berape nak sihat half of his body collapse..the illness of my uncle comes wonder why i can't meet them for a long time..
Finally, last night my auntie comes to our stall with her nephew..even though we face just for a couple hours, but ianya sgt2 bermakna deh...!!! we have decided that we'll go for holiday at Medan-Bandung-Jakarta by next 2 month on May during the "liburan sekolah" atau namanya "cuti sekolah"

so.........INDONESIA!!!! HERE WE COME!!!