Sunday, October 31, 2010

2 papers to go

i  was done my 2nd paper for this final semester ENT300 "entrepreneur", and only 2 papers left to be a declare as a graduated student huhu...
by the way, thanks 2 ALLAh s.w.t "syukur alhamdulillah" because HE give me an easy way with a calm heart feeling to answer for the last paper question.
okay just wanna share a little bit about syukur, syukur is a characteristic of Qanaah, how i know about that? this is because I had learn it before for in the subject of Entrepreneur, so Qanaah is a part of SUCCESS FORMULA by AL-QUrtubi to be a Moslem's Entrepreneur. 
which the principle are:
(this picture when i was in Part 2 "this picture taken inside the Eaon Mall room for pray, Permatang Pauh")
  1. HALAL
  2. QANAAH - pleased and thankful
  3. TAUFIQ - asking for the blessing of ALLAH in proportion
  4. SA'ADAH - Spiritual happiness
  5. JANNAH - Paradise "life here after"