Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This is my first album, “AL 1ST & 4MOST” which is will be release on next month, on 1st April 2009. The concepts of this album are about Love, Pop-Rock, Ballad, and Pop-Soul. Before this album will be release, Broken-Heart Records was received around 300,000 demands from CD, VCD, and DVD shop. This is something incredible achievement for that company. Today, my first song can be heard in each of Malay Radio in Malaysia, which the top song is Mama. Here I would like to list up all title of my First album.
1. Mama
- This song is about the sons who really love to his mothers (mama). He can leave anybody except his mama.
- Genre: Ballad and Pop-Soul.
2. Wheel
- Life is like a wheel, sometimes we at the top and sometime we at the bottom.
- Genre: Pop-Rock.
3. Al Starz
- The men who comes from a poor family, becomes a superstar because of reality TV show.
- Genre: Pop-Rock + Ballad
4. Good Morning Honey
- The caring boy friend, who always call his girl friend in every dawn to tell his girlfriends to perform her Subuh prayer.
- Genre: Ballad + Soul
5. The last second
- Sad story because his girlfriend death.
- Genre: Soul
6. Finally you run away
- This is beautiful story about love, but unfortunately his girlfriend decided to run away from her Boyfriend because of her family problems.
- Genre: Ballad
7. Casablanca (Refresh)
- The flashback about memory the men and his pass wife, where honey moon at Casablanca.
- Genre: Pop(remix) + Ballad
8. I know what you did
- The boyfriend already knows that his girlfriend is a playgirl and just need a suitable time to blame his girlfriends.
- Genre: Pop-Rock
9. 1000 years featuring with Imran Ajmain
- The song about, the men who’s really loyal with his girlfriend and will to waiting his girlfriend even 1000 years coming.
- Genre: Soul + Balllad
10. Dream Never Endless
- The men that always dreaming that he will live together with his girlfriend, but that just a dream that cannot becomes a reality.
- Genre: Ballad.