Thursday, January 29, 2009

Description about my cheerful classmates.

Description about my cheerful classmates.

Here I got a new assignment to descript a little bit about my classmate for Bel 311 class.

In front from left :


He is quite handsome but more gorgeous and cute than others boys, why I said so? It is because that is my self.. hahahaha.. I am very talkative man. New comes for this UiTM Johor. I am 19 years old. Why its happen? In the reason is I was get flying colour for my PTS examination. I live in JB Bandar Baru Uda.

2. Asyraf,

He from Subang and he is 20 years old. As you see from this photo, you can look that his face looks alike Ally Iskandar right??? He love to make a joke for the person that he close.

3. Azhar or his familiar name is “ Sood “

I don’t know from where that he got and received that name, maybe he got it from senior. By the way he is 22 years old and he comes from Sentul. He closed with Nasri. He love to make a joke or some call loyer buruk da..

4. Khalid

He is the class rap for this class, nice looks but cannot fight with me. Hehe.. Attention!!! Now he is belong to Yin !!! so I feel pity for whom were fall in love with him, by the way you all don’t go away because AL is still single and available.Ahakz ;P he comes from Subang and he also 20 years old.

5. Nasri

Sood’s best friends. Whenever I saw him, I will also saw Sood. He like siblings for each others.

Sometimes here face impression make me scared to talk to him.

6. Syahrul Nizam,

His name so familiar not like my name more unique hehe. The latest information about he is, his face was done the surgical treatment for abolish his boil on his face.

Standing behind from left :

7. Ain

She comes from the place that so far from UiTM Johor, and the name of that place is Segamat!!!

She is 20 years old, when her face looks to nude I love to disturb she.

8. Salwa

She has a twin, and also study in a same class that her twin names is Radhiah. She is 20 years old and she live at Tangkak.

9. Atikah

Her face looks like a mother that really strict to her children. Besides that I not really know about she, she is 21years old and she also comes from Tangkak same with Salwa and Radhiah.

10. Farah Irma

She is 20 years old and she comes from JB. She love to free hair its look sweet, but I prefer for she to ware a tudung it maybe more sweety.

11. Aiza

Aloq Staq mari, or she is from Alor Setar. I don’t how old are she, maybe around 20 to 21 years old. I not closed with she, so I not really know about she.

12. Syila

She is from Klang and she is 20 years old. She love to quiet and do it job without care any else. Because of that, I will always ask for her helth when we meet in class or anywhere. Her best friends is Huda and Farahain.

13. Halimatul Sa’adiah “ Ima “

She is 20 years old and she comes from Muar. Her best friend is Ziera. We are friend but not too close, I have no idea to avoid if anybody want to close with me. So I hope all of my classmate will close with me.

14. Radiah

Twin’s of Salwa. Of course her ages and where that she come from was same like Salwa. I love to see her face when she do not ware her glasses. So pretty to see that.

She is the first one classmate in this UiTM that I talk to and asked about this UiTM. She so Muslimah girl and I love her attitude.

15. Azierah

Azierah???!!! Huh, she is the one that always slash my face. She always laughing about my ambition, Sometimes I felt touch but o realize that she juke want to make a joke with me. She live at Shah Alam and I suggest to she for live in Seksyen 17 ;P she is 20 years old.

16. Ernie

She was imported from Banting, furthermore she is 20 years old. She is sweet girl and love to ware makeup. It’s faith for the name of girl.

17. Suhaidah “ Sue “

She comes from Selangor?? Which part of Selangor I also don’t know. Next, she is 20 years old also. She had a bright skin colour and a full moon face.

18. Lynn

Lynn, was comes from Klang and she is 20 years old. I like to see her face when she smile, it so attractive to me. She ought to thankful to Allah, because she got a beautiful smile. (Senyum tu kan sedekah,,, kan banyak pahala law senyum je )

19. Nik Nor Athirah

She is one of my best friends in this class. She comes from Kuantan and She also 20 years old.

When we meet each other, I always prefer to talk to she with a Kelantanis dialogue. That’s why I always will be right Nik or her best friend Sal.

20. Zirah

She told me to put her ages is 19 and ½ years old, because she said that she was born on month of November. She live at Batu Pahat. Moreover, she is Ima best friends.

21. Sal

Sal is my employee for my Sandwich and Hot Dog bread Business, she is really understanding person. Furthermore she closed with Nik and me. I love to be her friends. Her attitude looks more matured and some times childish. She is 20 years old and she comes from Larkin JB.

22. Huda

She is from Batu Pahat and she is 20 years old.Before this, when I see Huda face, she looks arrogant maybe because he was engaged. I always try to interrupt while she talk with her friends. I also the man that change her face to be more cheerful and smile always. That is my teory, when you give a flower than that person split yourself with a shit, don’t give up to give the flower again and again, because of, when the flower encounter with a shit it will make the flower more bigger and produce a sweet odour.

23. Aina “ Pek “

She live in front of my home place at Bandar Baru Uda JB. Her hobbies is playing footsal and I really impressive when I know about that. By the way just keep it up girl. She is 20 years old. Other than that, she also my discussion mate for this Bel 311 class. Her best friend are Fara and Zaty.

24.Syahida “ Yin “

Strictly she is Khalid’s Girlfriend, so be ware if you all boys at outside, don’t ever try to close with Yin. So dangerous. It just for joke, she is 20 years old and she was invited from Klang. In my opinion, I can give 95% for her relationship with Khalid it’s mean that they got A+ for that relation. Congratulation. In addition, Yin also love to smile.

25. Siti Farahiyah “ Fara “

Fara are Aina and Zaty best friends, maybe one day she will include me also in her list of best friends. She was born in KL and today she is 20 years old. Her attitude little bit similar like Zaty, sometime pretty clumsy. Bay the way, she is also my discussion mate for Bel 311.

26. Farahain

Her face somewhat called slumber and innocent. She at all times will walk and sit together with shila or huda. She is kind and best to be her friends. She comes from Klang and she is 20 years old.

27. Nurul Izzaty “ Zaty “

I think she is the most beautiful girl in this class. I love to see her face, she had a brightness colour of face, nice nose and I love to see when she is smiling, but she sometimes she quite be a sensitive person and little bit clumsy too. She also my discussion mate for Bell class.

28. Asyikin “ Kent “

Kent I was not really know about herself, I just knew that she live in Putrajaya and she is 21 years old. In my perception she must a good and nice girl.


Raja ?? She looks different with others, because he love to use mascara with an extraordinary colours. Sometimes look beautiful but sometimes look weird. She is form Muar and she is 22 years old.