Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Law 251??!!!

today i would like to share about the format, how to write the answer for an essay questions for Law 251...
But, first and foremost, you have to know what is the type of question about, whether direct question or??? problematic question??

so here, this is the format for problematic question.....(100 marks!!!)

1. (ISSUE) , firstly you have to write the issue at least 3 issues but in a same cases!!..and DON'T FORGET TO PUT WHETHER WORDS!! and ensure the word is right not!! weather okeyh!!
example: 1. Whether Amree can sue Najeeb
2. Whether notice effective
3. Whether acceptence by Amree effective

2. (LAW) , State the law that related from the cases that you want to highlight and give the
fact from the real past history cases..And don't forget to give the defination and

example: 1. Acceptance through post (Postal Rule)
Section 2(a) CA 1950 provides:
"when one person signifies to another his willingness to do...he is said to make proposal."
++ at least 3 cases that related for the law about Postal Rule and tell the story..
eg--> 1. Entores LTD Vs Miles Far East Corp. (1955)
- "when the contract is made by post, the acceptance is
complete....contract is made."
2. Ignatius Vs Bell (1913) 2 FMSLR 115
-" The defendent offered to sell his land....defendent was away."
Held: the acceptance was exercised by plantiff when the letter wa
posted...defendent was bound the contract.
3. Household Fire Insurance Co Ltd Vs Grant (1879)
- "The defendent any valid acceptance from plantiff'
Held: There was a valid acceptance...Pay for the shares.

2. Revocation offer
-Under Section 5 (1) of the act:
" A proposal may be revoked..."
- eg--> cases: 1. Payne Vs Cave(1798)
- explanation story....

2. Routledge Vs Grant (1828)
- explanation story..

- 4 Model of revocation....

3. Explanation an action
Sect 4(3)(a)....& Sect 4(3)(b)
++ cases!!

3. (APPLICATION)---> how to solve the problem

- in conclusion.....Amree can Sue Najeeb because the already have a contract, using the law of
acceptance by postal rule..

That's all... than u'll get the flying colour for this paper!! hehe...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

burger aku n pak guard!!

ALHAMDULILLAH selling semlm merupakan selling yg pling highers beb...
ade rm3xx x sangke kan... yg pasti semue rezeki 2 dtg dr Allah s.w.t and aku wat keje ngn ikhlas...
smlm aku tutp kedai hampir koi 1pg...
giler ah.. ade lah c pak uk ni.... dah sound aku... tunjuk taring die ckt la 2...
xpe aku phm die jln kan tugas die n aku pn say sorry la... coz xseda dah koi 12am rupeny time 2...
tp order banyk lagi... hehe seronok niage sampai xsedar jam dah koi bape..
spatutnye tutup kdai koi 11pm ni.... dah terlajak sampi 12 lbh o....
hah!!! skung compny aku dah ade menu tambahan daging kambing,ostrich,ruse,ikan n arnab...
more variety more fun right?? hehehe... so thanks 4 ur support!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aku dan Company aku..

alhamdulillah hari ni dah 5 hari niage burger kat uptown,,..
so far.... selling alhamdulillah.. dpt banyk la gk..
but aku not very pro dlm financial ni..
as a CEO i have to handle this job 1st..
btw aku enjoy ape yg aku wat...
n org nk backstabber pn aku x kisah.... just say alhamdulillah n amin je...
banyk gk la feed back positive yg aku dpt...
yg negative pn ade gk tp skit la...
aku bersyukur sgt2 dpt gk bukak kedai ni.... coz so many halangan yg aku tempuhi
sblum dpt bkk kdai ni... ramai yg mle2 nk masuk than out cm 2 je... tp xpe...
i am getting strongger n stronggggggggggggggger right now!!!!
sesungguhny ALLAH i2 Maha ADIL!!! n aku dpt rasekan nye.....
tq for my compny members!!! terutame skali credit utk shahir yg banyk bg idea n faham my situation!!!