Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What am i feel when comes to the new environment

This is my first blog site, before this I haven’t have any blog site unless myspace or friendster. I just got a new assignment that was given by Sir Izuan, whos the most smart lecturer, where with a charisma and discipline it self inside this UiTM Johor. The assignment is based on the “breathe again” song where the singger is Juwita Suwito.The title is, what am I feel when I was transferred to a new home, new life or new culture.

This is a true story about me, I have 3 times transfer experience since I was 5 years old.From KL to Simpang renggam Johor, next to Tapah Perak and for right now at Johor Bahru. Its because my father have been working as a prison officer at Malaysia Prison Department, so when he got a reward or promoted to the high level he get to transfer, I had study at one kindergarten at Quartes Penjara Simpang Renggam,Johor.Then one primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Simpang Renggam,I study for 5 years only at primary school,because of when I was in standard 3, I had past the PTS (Penilaian Tahap Satu) examination with a flying colours,so I no need to attend standard 4 anymore.Next, I had study at three secondary schools. Started from form 1 at SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Andak at Simpang Renggam,until in the middle year of form 4. After that I further my study at SMK Dato’ Panglima Perang Kiri Tapah Road, until the SPM examination. Finally I study for form lower 6 at SMK Buyong Adil Tapah.

Before I transferred to here UiTM Johor in Segamat, I had studied in UiTM Kedah at Merbok, Sungai Petani also since Dis 2007 until Dis 2008. For a year I was study there and off course I had so many memories at the past UiTM. The moment can’t be delete easier, but before this, I have many experience about how the difficult way to adept with a new environment. Here, I just want to share only one experience about how am I feel when I got to transfer to here UiTM Johor.

First and foremost, I have two feeling when my applyment was approved by Dr Mahathir who's the Deputy Director of HEA UiTM Kedah. The first one is, I’m felt really happy because I got to transfer to here that this place were not to far from my home at Bandar Baru Uda, JB, only takes for 3 hours from JB to UiTM Segamat. Compared to UiTM Kedah, the travelling hour takes more than 9 hours if I takes an express bus, and than when anything had happen to my family I’ll easy to reach there. Secondly, I also felt sad to let my roommate and classmate also.But I ought to do so,because of family and my financial problems. For your information the ticket price from Larkin to Sungai Petani is around RM60 and above. If for the aid holiday, the ticket price comes to increase until RM90 to RM110,for me its so expensive and I don’t want to burn my many like that. Other than that I heard that the ticket price will increase again for 100% increasing. That realy worst to think about how much money to spent to buy a bus ticket.

When for the first time I reach here, my first impression about this UiTM Segamat are more than 80% student here is Girls or women than only 20% is boy students. Next, here also had a pretty and many good looking girl. Thats why I fall in love to study here. Culture shock? Absolutely I faced it, but I try to refresh my mind again for what reasons I comes here.? Is it just for enjoy and play hard here? Surely not, where the land I have stand there is the sky that I must to follow. Today, I feel very happy and lucky because just for a week I can adept for this environment and I had got many new friends.