Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I already aged 21 years

Last Friday .. equivalent to 4 March 2011, it fulfilled my 21st years of age.

What I want to share this time around is the goal of our life as a servant of Allah on this earth.

Rasulullah saw once said, "hard work bears you as you live for 1000 years, and serve you like you will die the next day"

I am not here to tell what is the purpose of my life, but . i just to share about the secret meaning of  the hadith,  are ..
the purpose of our lives it is because Allah swt ..
We work hard to live like 1000 years is because to achieving of life and strive for success in the world, and also served as earnestly will die in the next day is to achieve success and happiness in the hereafter ..

The sense here of the world and the hereafter shall be due.